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Jim Embry 


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Black History Month Photo Exhibit 

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Contact: Jim Embry, Sustainable Communities Network, embryjim@gmail.com, 859-270-3699


Black History Month Photography Exhibit by Jim Embry

Lexington, KY-As part of its Black History Month recognition the Kentucky Theater has selected Jim Embry known for his food system activism as the featured artist February 1-28. The Kentucky Theater Art Gallery is open daily 1pm-10pm. The public is invited to the Opening Reception on Friday Feb 17 5-8pm as part of Gallery Hop.

Jim Embry’s photos tell the story of his activism and travels to Brazil, Cuba, India, Italy, several Caribbean Islands and around the USA. These photographs will be part of his forth coming book, Through the Lens of a Sacred Earth Activist, coming out this fall.

His photographs can also be seen 1) in the 1st floor lobby of the St. Joseph Women’s Hospital on Eagle Creek Dr., 2) in the book Sustainable World Sourcebook , 3) on the Bulgarian Public Republic web site, We are-all-artists-with-multiple-avenues-of-creativity, and 4) front page photos in ACE Weekly ACE Dig It, ACE Lex Grows, ACE Hoby Art.

Jim Embry says “We are all artists with multiple avenues of creativity, and photography is one of them. Photography, as any other creative outlet, affects our deeper humanity. It allows us to use a voice from deep within to speak our truth. A good photo comes from a place of humility. The photographer must not think that his or her picture of a rose will come out anywhere nearly as perfect and beautiful as the rose itself. Furthermore, I enjoy capturing spontaneous pictures, funny, whimsical, human emotions”.

Some of the photos in his exhibit capture the stories of such experiences as:

Ø  his travels to Aquascalientes, Mexico as the only non-Latino member of a USA delegation to study Los Repatriados, the Mexican Repatriation or coerced expulsion of immigrants and U.S. Citizens of Mexican and Mexican-American descent from the United States during the 1930's. Some of his images include works by Jose Posada, murals depicting the Mexican Revolution and community life in the city known for hot springs! This experience inspired his speech at the 2006 Immigrant Rights Rally that was published in Latino Studies, Rivers That we Cross, and has been cited by Latino scholar George Sanchez.

Ø  he  began scuba diving in 1995 and have been to many islands in the Caribbean diving primarily with the National Association of Black Scuba Divers.

Ø  His travels to Italy to attend  Terra Madre the international Slow Food gathering held in Torino.

Ø  The beautiful eucalyptus trees in La Sabana Park in Costa Rica

Ø  His travels to the The Charlie Parker Memorial in Kansas CityMuir Woods National Park, The Underground Railroad Memorial in Detroit’s Hart Plaza, the HOBY murals hanging in Lexington’s eastend, community garden projects    and so much more.


Jim feels that “ We human beings are on Earth in order to be creative and to inspire ourselves and other people. There are sacred connections that are there between all of us in the Earth community. And these photos are like the hologram – a microcosm of this sense of connectedness. That’s what I am trying to express”.


Ky. Voices: Ways to encourage sustainability, creativity  

egtsignJim-Embry-2010-Garden-Crusader  Jim Embry, Director of Sustainable Communities Network named finalist in Education believes that community gardening is the most important social movement in the country. "The climate is changing and that is because we are disconnected from the Earth," he says. With a lifetime of experience as a social activist, Jim is now working to connect community gardeners to the earth — and to each other.

"In the garden, adults and even very young children, learn about patience and discovery and not to be afraid. Gardens teach citizenship and stewardship," he said. "For the last generation, the focus has been on computer literacy; now it's time for the focus to be on eco-literacy."

Read the full story: 1st Place: Jim Embry, Lexington, KY



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